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About PetListing

Founded as a technology startup, The PetListing Company has one main mission: to connect pet lovers together.

Our platform allows pet owners and pet businesses to come together in an entirely new way – by creating listings to find one another.

We’re here to make life easier for you and your furry family members (not furry is okay, too!). At PetListing, we understand your additional family member may extend beyond a dog or cat. You may have fish that need to be fed while you’re away. A gerbil or guinea pig that want some company. Maybe even a parrot that’s missing their daily conversations. Whatever the situation may be – we’re your solution.

Whether you’re an individual looking to find a personal dog walker, pet trainer, pet photographer, or a grooming boutique (the list goes on!), our platform will allow you to search through local listings and reviews so you can find the right pet services. If you have specific requirements that need to be met for your pet, feel free to post a listing of your own to display your particular needed service. Better yet, if you’d like to speak with a pet service provider directly, our private messaging system allows you to openly communicate with potential dog walkers and pet professionals.

But that’s not all. The PetListing platform provides the ability for local pet service businesses, like independent dog walkers and pet sitters, grooming boutiques, pet stores, and pet hotels, to advertise themselves. With various listing packages available, we’re confident you’ll find one to fit your needs. We’re committed to providing an affordable, safe platform for both pet owners and pet businesses to thrive in.

What PetListing Offers

o 24/7 Customer Support

o The PetListing Promise

o Unlimited Access To Listings

o Automatic Notifications

o Verified Customer Reviews

o Secure Payment Gateways

o Private Messaging System

o User-Friendly Dashboard

The PetListing platform is your go-to source for finding local, reputable pet businesses and independent pet providers. We’re here for you 24/7 (yes, really), and we promise to always provide you with exceptional customer support.

So for all the hardworking pet businesses, we encourage you to use the PetListing platform to achieve your business goals. And for all the pet owners looking to confidently hire trustworthy professionals – we’re here to help.